Give the gift of another world (and make holiday shopping super easy)

You must have friends who want to make the world a better place: we all do. Some of your loved ones probably make a difference through their parenting, careers, businesses, or community work; or some combination thereof. But drastic change is difficult to imagine.

You must also have friends, family, and co-workers who are constantly complaining about and frustrated with the current state of our society. These friends may identify as liberal, conservative, right, left, or whatever. Maybe they don’t like the democrats, maybe they don’t like the republicans, but you know who they are. Maybe they agree with your views or maybe you see each other as polar opposites.

While your thinking about what gifts to give, I want to remind you that I wrote “Another World IS Possible” for the purpose of bringing together people who traditionally disagree with each other, to show the common roots of our shared problems, and to provide a methodology for those folks to come together in a way that meets the needs and desires of practically everyone—left, right, and in between. It sounds impossible, but it’s not.

As we approach the holiday season, I want to offer anyone who wants to spread the promise of “Another World IS Possible” to friends and family, the chance to do it.

If you purchase multiple copies between now and January 1, I’ll provide you with a big discount. Here’s the deal: if you purchase between 5 and 10 copies you will get $2 off each book; between 11 and 20 copies you will get $3 off each book; and 21 or more copies you will get $4 off of each book!

This is a gift that most of your friends, family, and co-workers will love and it will help create dialogue and bridges that have previously been elusive. Check it out and make your holiday shopping easy while helping to make the world a better place.


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