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Hi Everybody! I want to thank you for coming to my website and checking it out.

My preschool teacher used to call me “the grandfather” because I always wanted to make sure everyone in our class was taken care of. In elementary school, I spoke at a rally at city hall to call on the government to provide students with nutritional lunches. I have always had a natural inclination toward fighting for people’s rights. I believe in fairness and justice, and I always have.

I am a teacher, researcher, writer, artist, and activist. I have a Master’s in Global Affairs from New York University with a specialization in International Economic Development and a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Rhode Island.

I love humans and the global environment we exist in. I have natural gravitated towards arts and social sciences. I spend all my time trying to take in as much information as possible from the best sources possible. I try to process and disseminate that information in a comprehensive manner with the purpose of promoting humanity, fairness of processes for all people, and sustainable existence.

I recently published “Another World IS Possible: Freedom, Economic Truth, and Creating a Society of Humanness.” You can find out more information, including how to purchase a copy on my home page.

Thank you so much for visiting my site.


17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Actually, Mrs. Erickson, said you were the grandfather of the group because if several children were arguing or had a problem, you wouldn’t go to her to tell on them. Instead you would talk with the children involved in the disagreement and would help them come to a compromise to settle it. You were a natural mediator and peacemaker even at four years old!

    • Thanks Mom. This is sort of weird in a “you can’t kiss me when you drop me off at school in front of my friends” kind of way. (but I don’t care)

  2. Colby
    I think what you are doing is great!
    My feeling is the movement needs to be a grass roots effort.
    The people with the most need are the people with the least
    time to stop and listen to what you are trying to tell them.
    They are to busy just trying to survive.
    Then there are those that have just enough to calm their thirst for
    They just tune it out,you are white noise to them.
    People are going to try paint your movement in the unwashed
    colors of the sixties peace movement.
    To them you are just another incarnation of the dirty hippies.
    They need to understand that was then,you are in the now.
    God’s speed Colby,the road will be long and rough with many
    detours, press on brother you can make it happen!

    • Thanks Steve. Much appreciated.

      If there is a way to navigate through the overwhelming amount of mass corporate media trash, you would find that there are huge efforts being put into all facets of a growing, inclusive movement. Our direct action marches and the arrests get a lot of media, as do the random people who come to an event and do something violent, but beyond that there is an unbelievable amount of effort being put into growing this movement. One thing that many people are doing is trying to spread the movement into the communities in a sustainable way that accommodates the needs of working people.

      take a look at us in West Harlem. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sujatha-fernandes/the-imaginative-power-of-_b_1084484.html

      thanks for your kind words Steve. See you soon.

  3. Colby , you do us proud kid. I always knew you were destined for something big. You are a true hero because your path is not paved ,you have to clear it yourself.

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